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Black bear: a great harvest

OursNoirJBoutinIn Quebec, black bears are one of the species that are both hunted and trapped. It is harvested for its fur as well as its meat. For hunters, this species is one of the only ones from which it will take the fur and, for trappers, it is one of the main that it will eat. Often unknown to users, several other body parts (skull, canines, claws, baculum and fat) can be used. It is important to enhance, in an optimal way, this emblematic species in order to limit losses and waste. In addition, bear meat is worth taking, as its taste is often underestimated. Indeed, during a blind taste test, bear meat was ranked first ahead of moose, caribou and deer!


Photo: Jean Boutin

Black bear: a great harvest deal with skinning, gutting, butchering, pelt handeling and enhancement of other body parts of black bears (claws, skull, teeth, baculum and fat).


Black bear: from the woods to the kitchen is a short version dealing with skinning and butchering of black bears.



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