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Trapping is an important for managing furbearer populations. It allows, among other things, to manage animal populations devoid of predators, to help control animal pests (such as the beaver affecting road or agricultural infrastructures), to control the spread or expansion of certain diseases (such as rabies in raccoons) and ensure sound management of wildlife populations and ecosystems. The presence of trappers is an important asset of wildlife management in urban, agricultural and forested areas. Trapping also promotes a renewable resource and contributes significantly to the economy.

To learn more about trapping, the Fédération des Trappeurs Gestionnaires du Québec and its partners have produced 4 information capsules.

1: Trapping, for the sound management of animal populations

2: Trapping, a well supervised and useful activity for all

3: Trapping: an important economic activity

4: Trapping; a professional outdoor activity

To become a trapper: :

This project was made possible with the financial support of the wildlife department at the MDDEFP

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