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Wo we are?

History of FTGQ

In 1976, in the Abitibi-Témiscamingue born Council Trappers of Northwest. The first association was to become the founder of the Provincial Association of trappers. Nearly 25 years later, the Fédération des Trappeurs Gestionnaires du Québec (FTGQ) was born through the merger of the Provincial Association of trappers and the current Federation.

The Fédération des Trappeurs Gestionnaires du Québec is a nonprofit organization founded under the Companies Act. Its board is made up of fourteen representatives of regional associations affiliated trappers in Quebec. The executive board of the FTGQ was elected to the AGM at the conference. This council is composed of five representatives from the regional presidents and directors of affiliates.

President Lucien Gravel
• Vice-president
Michel Gamache
  • 2e Vice-president Claude Gagnon
Secretary Carol Racine
Treasurer Jacques Lachance

The board is given the multidisciplinary expertise and skills of each member. Their extensive knowledge of the fur industry and the trapping of fur ensure effective management of the affairs of the FTGQ. Meetings of the Board of Directors held in Quebec City at least twice a year, while the executive board meets at least four times per year or as often as required in the interest of FTGQ.

The general regulations of the FTGQ provide sound and rigorous management of the affairs of the Federation in compliance with the code of procedures of deliberative Victor Morin. The regulations FTGQ are constantly changing. They are reviewed, discussed and adopted at a general meeting by the directors present.

The Fédération des Trappeurs Gestionnaires du Québec to establish annual special committees to ensure the proper functionning of the priority issues on which the FTGQ is to sit. The Federation has a national reach through its participation on the Board of Directors of the Fur Institute of Canada and the Canadian National Trappers Alliance (CNTA). She also participates in the international committee on standards of humane trapping.

Since July 2000, the Federation has a permanent office located at 1737, Champigny, in Quebec city. It provides employment to full-time 4 people in Quebec and a little more area. Mostly, the work is voluntary in the region through the involvement of trappers in the management of their activity, sequestration.

Objectives of the Federation

Founded in the 70s, the FTGQ has set goals, remained similar since then.

These objectives are :

  • Consolidate trappers in Quebec, an organization dedicated solely to the trapping
  • Inform and educate its members and the public
  • Defend and promote the interests of its members
  • Assist trappers in the marketing of their fur
  • Promote the humane methods of trapping, research and development technical and scientific as well as the protection and conservation of wildlife and wildlife habitat
  • Participate in the management of furbearers
  • Represent the trappers in Quebec as professionals
  • Provide services of any nature in relation to its objectives

The means used to achieve our objectives are :

  • Evenings and information days
  • Trapping courses
  • Publications
  • Dating buyers, trappers
  • Information kiosks
  • Provincial Congress and regional conferences
  • Participation in organizations and structures representating provincial, national and international
The Férération des Trappeurs Gestionnaires du Québec has also Code of ethics, which guides the trappers in trapping activities. The FTGQ is subject to the Act on conservation and enhancement of wildlife and the subsequent regulations : for managements units fur, on trapping and the fur trade and the one on wildlife habitat. Laws and regulations are provided for guidance only and they are full. Therefore, they are not suitable for all readers. For the most recent versions or those that have been changed, check on the website of Publication Quebec or Society of Wildlife and Parks of Quebec.

How Membership

One becomes a member of the FTGQ by joining an association or a regional council member. If you are already a member of a regional association, you’re a member of the FTGQ. The Federation represents the trappers with the Government of Quebec, and offers some services to associations and their members. The cost of membership is determined by each regional association. For more information, write us, or visit list of regional associations and find the one nearest you!